New training standards for Missouri law officers include de-escalation techniques - St. Louis Public Radio - December 1, 2015

Police officers in Missouri will be getting more training in how to interact with potential suspects and the public at large.  Lane Roberts, director of the Department of Public Safety, told reporters, "This training standard makes sure that we all stay in lock-step, so that when things do occur, that we're all prepared to deal with them."

Following Ferguson, Governor Nixon Wants Enhanced Police TraininG  - ksmu Radio - september 24, 2015

Missouri Director of Public Safety Lane Roberts leads POST, and the Sept. 1st POST Commission meeting at OTC.  “I was very pleased with the turnout," he said. "It looked like we had a broad range of interest, which is exactly what we’re looking for.  I have to deliver to the Governor by December 1st, proposed new rules which will then go to the Secretary of State, and hopefully be implemented as soon as possible.  What we want to do is promulgate rules that will actually result in efficiencies, actually result in greater trust, and actually result in greater safety for citizens and officers.  These are things that need to be done, that can be done.  Among the challenges we face is to get more training to the smaller agencies, and we’ll be looking at ways to bring the training to them.”


Former Joplin Police Chief Lane Roberts Appointed as New Public Safety Director  - KBIA Radio- march 20, 2015

Former Joplin Police Chief Lane Roberts has been appointed as Missouri's new public safety director. Roberts served as Joplin's chief from April 2007 until he retired last year. He helped coordinate local, state and federal responses to the deadly 2011 tornado that devastated the area. The Senate must confirm Roberts' nomination.

red cross summit, chicago, Augst 26, 2014

Retired Joplin Police Chief Lane Roberts stressed the key to effective disaster preparedness boils down to three main concepts:   1) Stay in your own lane – this means emergency responders should only do what they are trained to do, and not overstep their bounds.   2) Reduce redundancy – this will help avoid wasting precious resources.   3) Get the government out of the way – government agencies are good at developing processes, but they should then get out of the way and let private businesses take over to get things done quickly.   Chief Roberts said non-profit organizations such as The American Red Cross are innovators and will do whatever it takes to immediately help those in need after disaster hits.

city is given symbol of ourage  -  joplin independent -  may 28, 2011

Joplin Police Chief Lane Roberts, standing to the right of Henson, thanked the former soldier for the donation. Roberts said that there was "something fitting about a flag that has survived [potential destruction in battle areas] flying over the city."  Marine Corporal Brian Henson, wearing a small silver cross and a large tattoo on the underside of his left arm that reads "Patriotism," did not want any notoriety when he donated a flag to the city of Joplin that he said he had with him during two tours of duty in Iraq and another in Afghanistan. Henson, 31, said, that after losing his best friend, he had carried the flag around with him as a symbol. He said the flag stood "the test of time" and represents what we all go through that makes us strong inside.